Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hobbies and the military

Well To start this off.
Well I am going to try and start this.
I have soo many different crafts that this is to make sure I at least get something done on a weekly basis. I would love to get it to a daily basis but am not sure that will happen.
Right now let me list the crafts that I am doing.
1. "sane" Quilting.
I have ummm about 40 ufo's at the minute and am afraid to look at another quilting book cause I know I will find something that I need to make. Tomarrow I will see if I can remember and write the ufo's down. I have been quilting for about 20 years now but really didn't get into the art very heavy till 2002 then man alive I went full full steam. For a short time I had my own business but with the military we moved and I closed my shop down. I still have people emailing me orders and I do make the quilts for them .
2. Counted Cross stitch.
This I have done for about 18 years off and on. I love to do it but have to have a project that I love. Right now I have 3 started and well they are ufo's cause I haven't been in the mood to work on them.
3. Crochet.
Well I have been crochet since the 3rd grade and we will not say how far back that was. I can remember my mom teaching me with fine thread. If it didn't turn out right.. yes you got it.. I was made to rip rip rip rip it back till It was done right. I think it took me a month to put a fine edge on a washcloth!!!!! All the time she had to listen too.. "I hate this. It will never be right" and on and on and on.
I soo remember her saying ... Someday you will appriciate learning this. Well you got it.. Mom was and is right. Now I love to crochet and well time has made it so that I can make some very nice things with yarn and thread lol ( thanks mom!)
4 Knitting
About the 6th grade I tried to learn how to knit. Another thing I hated and hated but now love. Still am trying to learn the 4 needle thing but ....
5. Plastic canvas
Yep .. This is anothe one that I play with. I was in the mood for about 3 years so have a ton of patterns and still play with it once in a while.
6. Embroidery
Love to do this. I am learning how to do the Brazilian embroidery.. It is slow going but I love it and the slow turtle won the race right?
7. Crazy Quilting
This is one of my newest hobbies. I just started this this year and welllllll at the moment it is at the head of the list. I am in several qroups and am having a lot of fun..
8. Scrapbooking
I started this just about the same time as crazy quilting and it is really interesting. I do a lot of it with the computer. and lots of stickers. It is a lot of fun as well and you never know what I will be putting on my pages to go in the album.
Well that is all I have going on at the minute. I would love to learn how to tat and to make pin lace but that will be another blog and maybe in another life time.


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I think it is wonderful, I also just recently started a blog, so my son who is a Marine overseas (for the second time) and other family can see what we are doing at home. Here is my blog

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