Monday, June 26, 2006

looks like grapes

Wow.. this one takes the time..
Not hard at all but it takes time to do all them french knots. I am trying to figure out how to take better pictures but not yet. My scanner doesn't work . I have a great little camera but if I get too close it blurres sooo will keep trying.
I attached lace with buttonhole stitch.. made stems with straight stitch. Made leaves with lazy daisy. and then started o nthe knots. Took me a full day around being a mom and the other life stuff to make them...
and You got it... They look like grape clusters to me.


Anonymous marilynguido said...

Hi- looks cute. Did you look for a "macro" setting on your camera? Sometimes it's a tulip looking icon. It really makes a difference for close-ups. Also, try to hold the camera parallel to the cloth, either tack it to a wall and stand in front of it, or lay it on a table and hold the camera directly over it. With my camera I can also take a picture, then zoom it in and crop it right on the camera, and it stays clearer then cropping it on the computer. Just being nosy :o) Bless you, Marilyn

6:34 AM  

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