Monday, May 01, 2006

trying to learn the system

These are for a swap .. well all of these are really. The hearts are coasters.
The shawl is a lite yellow with about a 6" fringe all the way around the edges.
Two bookmarks that I have made for the May swaps
These are dishclothes I have crocheted for the swaps I am in.
Besides these today I worked on some crazy quilting but mostly worked on a scrapbook for Galen.. and no I will not post it lol.
I also finished sewing 2 shirts so I think that today was a good day

Hobbies and the military

Finished a few things yesterday

Yep I finished several things yesterday.. I finished the yellow shawl, finished the dishclothes, and coasters and 4 scrunchies and bookmarks. Ok yes they are all for swaps but I got them done.. lol