Sunday, July 16, 2006

more seam treatments

Here are 5 more seam treatments and some of my favorites.
The top is a lovely little doily that I had. sooo I made a ribbon rose in the center and knots to be buds around the edges... I love this and will be making more for sure.
The next one is an angel motif that I had. Well I added some beads to her skirt and to her sleeves. Then of course I had to make more of her wings soo gold and clear beads when there.
The Flower treatment is a piece of flower lace that I got . I dyed it with Koolaid . I was thinking of beads in each center but then I didn't like it soo I went with Knots instead. Now I love it.
The other pink lace is a lace that I also dyed with koolaid. I then crochet a simple chain and sewed this on with beads across the lace.
The last one is what I did with buttons and some eyelash yarn I had.
ooooh this was fun... ok now I am off to see what I can do next.